How to celebrate 60 years?

Litttle Van rouge 2013 to 2015 makeover

Our “Little Van Rouge” is 60 years old this year but sadly not all those years have been glorious. As you can see from the photos she must have been forgotten and left somewhere to rot. To overcome the numerous obstacles for such a van renovation it takes great dedication; it took 2 years (work began in 2013) and a lot of finding parts,  people with the right know -how, and team work. I was amazingly lucky to have Mark Harding only an hour down the road in Devon; he is a specialist in Citroen Traction engines and works all over the UK. Despite the faults and obstacles I still remain truly in love with my H van. So what is the appeal ? Once out on the road you’ll soon learn you’re not on your own as people look and smile; I get thumbs up and constant waves. Little Van Rouge is a real talking point wherever you stop, so there is never a dull moment. The design of the Citroen H van (sometimes mistaken for the HY van) is appealing to many, and people appreciate the hard work and passion you have put into getting the van back to her former self.

How to Celebrate 60 Years? We will be out and about at a number of events, private parties and festivals this year showing her off after having a touch up in the workshop. But for me, taking her for a road trip with my friend who has also got a Citroen van, and admiring her in the sunshine on Exmoor is all I need!